Elizabeth Turnbaugh

Elizabeth "Liz" Turnbaugh is a dynamic entrepreneur and real estate professional based in Libertyville. As a dedicated realtor, Liz combines her keen market insight and strong negotiation skills to help clients navigate the buying and selling process with ease. Her deep-rooted passion for the industry, coupled with her commitment to personalized service, has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and community leader.

In addition to her successful real estate career, Liz is also the owner of two thriving businesses in Libertyville. In 2020, she founded My CharCUTErie, a specialty shop offering a variety of artisanal charcuterie boards and charcuterie boxes. Liz's creative vision and meticulous attention to detail have made My CharCUTErie a beloved local favorite.

Building on this success, Liz opened The Board Room Libertyville in 2022. This unique venue provides a sophisticated space for community gatherings, private events, and culinary experiences centered around small plate dining and exceptional service. Through The Board Room, Liz has fostered a warm and welcoming atmosphere where guests can enjoy memorable moments.

As a single mother of two daughters, Liz balances her professional endeavors with her role as a devoted parent. Her ability to manage multiple businesses while raising her children is a testament to her resilience, determination, and work ethic. Liz's passion for her community and her entrepreneurial spirit make her an inspiring figure and a respected leader in Libertyville.

Luis Hernandez

Bringing culinary craftsmanship to Chicago’s northern suburbs, Luis Hernandez is the executive chef of The Board Room, where he’s utilized his expertise in global cuisines and 20 years of experience to develop an approachable and masterful menu of elevated seasonally inspired small plates and American fare.   His professional achievements include positions with Market House and Deer Path Inn, both located in Lake Forest, and Indian Hill Country Club in Winnetka, among other fine-dining eateries. Hernandez is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has a bold style that marries traditional American fare with Asian, French and Italian influences.  He has a unique talent for bringing out flavors in ingredients at the peak of their season, utilizing specialized cooking techniques such as molecula gastronomy (a technique that creates new and innovative outcomes, such as foams, powders and smoked cocktails) and sous vide (a precise cooking method that vacuum seals food in a bag and cooks it in a water bath).  Hernandez is also a talented pastry chef and created The Board Room’s dessert menu, which includes original sweets such as a Butter Torte and Strawberry Shortcake. Hernandez is a member of the American Culinary Federation, Worldchefs and Club Chefs Association of America.  He’s participated in numerous regional exchange kick-offs, winning second place in the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Chicago Chefs People’s Choice award for his 48-hour sous vide Asian short ribs.